Does the horse have to be present at the Road to Texas Futurity & Derby? 

No, the horse does not need to be at the show.  All horses will stay at their current location during the auction.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange transportation at the conclusion of the auction. 

How do I know if my horse is eligible to be consigned? 

All horses must be sired by a SDRCHA Stallion Stakes enrolled stallion OR they must be enrolled itself.   

When does my consignment form need to be submitted? 

Consignment forms are due NO LATER THAN August 18th.  It is recommended to submit as soon as possible as only a limited number will be accepted.   

What do I need to submit for materials? 

All consignments should have a minimum of 4 high quality photos (one of each side) submitted as well as a minimum of 3-5 minutes of video showing movement and any special skills.  Please refer to our video and photo tips page to achieve the best quality.  If possible, we recommend hiring a professional – the return on investment is worth it.   

What is the consignment fee? 

Each horse will have a $150 consignment fee. 

Can I set a reserve price? 

Yes!  Each horse will have a reserve price, assigned by the seller.  The reserve price will not be public and will be kept between the consignor and Cowpony Sales.  The reserve price can be lowered up to 24 hours prior to the auction ending; however, it cannot be increased.   

What fees are due after the sale ends?

When the horse is sold, 8% of the sold price is retained. Of that, 50% goes back into the SDRCHA Stallion Stakes program. If the horse is not sold, no additional fees are due.

When will I get paid? 

Payments are due within 48 hours of the auction closing.  Once payments have cleared, sellers will receive a check via certified mail from Cowpony Sales.   

Do I need to attend the Road to Texas to participate in the sale?

No. You are not required to be present at the show, nor does the horse have to present. All sales will be done online, with the buyer arranging transportation.