$200 Consignment Fee · 8% Commission · No Pass Out Fee · Soft Close
Includes individualized National advertising!
Maximum of 5 horses during each auction ending period.

Not all horses and ponies are accepted.  Please submit a Consignment Request to get on our waitlist and see if we’re a good fit. All consignments should be suited for cow work or performance and riding horses/ponies must demonstrate cow work abilities.

Cowpony Sales is your professional online hub for available western performance horses. Bi-weekly auctions start Wednesday evening and end the second Tuesday evening, giving buyers time to fully investigate prospective purchases. For the sellers, this time allows Cowpony Sales the time to fully utilize multiple advertising avenues to maximize exposure. Each horse consigned will have multiple photos as well as video that accurately show the consigned horse. Additionally, each horse will have a detailed health and fitness form fully completed and signed by the consigner to give buyers confidence. Upon conclusion of the auction, Cowpony Sales will manage all the monetary transactions to ensure both parties equal protection. By accepting multiple forms of payment, we give buyers the option that work best for their situation.

Our number one goal is to make this easy and convenient for both buyers and sellers.

1. Bi-weekly Auctions

i. Consignments listed Wednesday evenings, with bidding ending the 2nd Tuesday
ii. Limited number of horses
iii. Buyers, sellers, and horses don’t have to travel!

2. Consignment ($200 fee; 8% Commission; No Pass Out Fee)

What the consignor gets:
a. 1:1 personal attention
b. Individualized National Advertising
c. Secure transactions

What we need:
a. Minimum of 4 high quality pictures
b. Quality video demonstrating soundness and ability
c. Copy of registration papers
d. Copy of Coggins
e. Signed Consignment Form and Health and Fitness Guarantee
f. Signed Terms and Conditions

3. Buyers

a. Thirteen days to evaluate horse/pony before bidding/purchase
b. Access to signed Health and Fitness Guarantee
c. Confidence in proper registration and Coggins documents
d. Secure payment through Cowpony Sales

4. Soft Close

i. Bidding remains open at the end of the auction until there are no bids placed for a period of 4 minutes

5. At Auction Close

i. Buyer is to make payment within 2 business days
ii. Buyer is encouraged to secure insurance on purchased horse
iii. Seller agrees to board horse for 5 days without any additional charge
Iv. Buyer is responsible for securing transportation

6. Financials

a. All monetary transactions handled through Cowpony Sales, LLC
b. Multiple payment options for buyers: wire or cashiers/certified check (overnighted)
c. Seller has option for Direct Pay or will be mailed a check (minus commission) within 10 business days of auction completion or when buyer’s funds clear.

7. Professional

a. 40+ combined years in the equine industry
b. 18+ years in Professional Marketing, Sales and Advertising
c. Continued education aligning with trends of the industry
d. Top-notch customer service